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FSC-ICS Physics Notes All Chapters Solved Short Questions & Answers

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Chapter # 2
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Physics Short Questions (For Class 9th)

Short Question & Answers.


Q 1:- The height of racing car is kept small, why?

A 1:- Vehicles designed for speed as in racing car have a very low center of gravity because its height is kept small.
Q 2:- How does “g” vary with altitude?
A 2:- The value of “g” at a given place depends upon the distance from the center of the earth. Greater the distance from the center of the earth smaller will be the value o “g”.
Q 3:- What is the force which makes an object move in a circle?
A 3:- The force which makes an object move in a circle is Centripetal Force (F.C).
Q 4:- Give some example of bodies moving along path?
A 4:- I- The motion of the moon around the earth is nearly in circular path.
         II- The motion of the blades of an electric fan in circular path.
        III- The paths of electrons moving around the nucleus in an atom are also nearly circular.
Q 5:- How can be direction of torque found?
A 5:- We can found by right hand rule.
Q 6:- Give an example of a case when the resultant force is zero but resultant torque is not zero?
A 6:- If a body is rotating on its axis of rotation the resultant force on it will be zero, but the resultant torque will not be zero.
Q 7:- Give any two uses of a simple machine?
A 7:-  -i- It can change the direction of force.
          -ii- It can increase or decrease speed of work.

Q 8:- What kind of energy is that of the battery of a car?
A 8:- It is Potential Energy (P.E) and it is called chemical potential energy.

Q 9:- What is the final velocity of a ball thrown upwards?
A 9:- The final velocity of a ball thrown upward is zero.

Q 10:- Is interconversrion of energy is possible?
A 10:- Yes, one form of energy can be changed into another form of energy.

Q 11:- What does the pressure of a liquid depend upon?
A 11:- The pressure of a liquid depends upondensity and depth.

Q 12:- Why does an inflated balloon burst?
A 12:- The pressure of a gas increase with the increase in temperature this is because the kinetic energy of the gas molecules increases. This is the reason that if an inflated balloon is heated, it will burst because of increase gas pressure in it.

Q 13:- In what field is laser used?
A 13:- It is used in medical science, metallurgy, space science, astronomy, detecting fault in machine and for keeping the thickness of paper uniform.
Q 14:- What is the shape of graph between two quantities which are directly proportional to each other?
A 14:- The shape of graph between two quantities which are directly proportional to each other is always a straight line.
Q 15:- A body is moving with a uniform velocity, what will be its acceleration?
A 15:- A body is moving with a uniform velocity, its acceleration will be zero because there is no change in velocity.
Q 16:- Can a body moving with certain velocity in the direction of east can have acceleration in the direction of west?
A 16:- Yes, it has acceleration because there is change in velocity due to change in direction.
Q 17:- When is a stop watch used?
A 17:- It is used to measure the duration of time of a specific period.
Q 18:- What is the difference between a meter rule, a vernier caliper and screw gauge?
A 18:- Meter rule measure up to a millimeter.
          A verneir caliper can measure accurately 1/10th of a millimeter.
         A screw gauge can measure accurately 1/100th of a part of a millimeter.
Q 19:- What is the least count of a screw gauge?
A 19:- The least count of a screw gauge is 0.01 mm or 0.001cm.
Q 20:- Define second?
A 20:- Second is the duration in which the caesium-133 complete 9,19,26,31,770 vibrations.
Q 21:- What is personal error due to?
A 21:- It is due to the eye not being in front of and parallel to the scale while noting the reading.
Q 22:- Name the pioneer Arabs whose researches where translated into European languages?
A 22:- Al-Beruni   -       Al-Kundi         -       Ibn-ul-hathem
Q 23:- What is rolling friction?
A 23:- When the body moves with the help of wheels it is called rolling friction. Rolling friction is less then sliding friction.
Q 24:- What is resulation of a vector?
A 24:- The decomposition of a into its component is called resulation of vectors.
Q 24:- How are vectors added?
A 24:- Vectors are added by head to tail rule.
Q 25:-Will a body be in equilibrium under the acting of a single force?
A 25:- It will not be in equilibrium. The two condition of equilibrium are
        Fx=0           Fy=0
        As only one force is acting neither the resultant of all the force will be zero nor the sum of torque will be zero.
Q 26:- How insulator useful?
A 26:- Most of the time one wishes that heat when transmitted from one body to the other should not go waste. Use of insulators help to fulfill this need. Example air is a good insulator of heat.
Q27:- Due you think that gases posses viscosity?
A 27:- Yes, gases posses viscosity but very small.
Q 28:- How is volume of liquid is measured?
A 28:- Volume of liquid is measured by cylinder.
Q 29:- Why is friction not desirable?
A 29:- Friction is not desirable because due to its parts of machinery, tyres of car, cycles, and other vehicles, where out. Energy is wasted to overcome the resistance against motion. The temperature of machine rises due to which other problem arise.
Q 30:- While laying railway tracks why gapes are left at joints?
A 30:- To avoid damages caused by expansion or contraction.
Q 31:- Why pipes passing through deserts and plains are curved?
A 31:- To allow expansion and contraction, due to change of season.
Q 32:- During flight length of concord increases how much and why?
A 32:- It is increasing about 20cm due to too much increase in temperature caused by friction at supersonic speed.
Q 33:- While constructing bridge one end of bridge is placed on rollers why?
A 33:- To avoid any damaged due to thermal expansion.
Q 34:- Why the ship floats on the sea surface?
A 34:- The ship floats on the sea surface because the force of buoyancy remains greater the weight.
Q 35:- What is the purpose of mechanical energy, electrical energy, chemical energy and heat?
A 35:- Mechanical Energy use for the movement of our body.
           Chemical Energy use for making molecules.
            Electrical Energy use for the propagation of electrical                signal in the body.
            Heat use for maintaining the body temperature.
Q 36:- When a person takes a bucket to some distance, is work is zero?
A 36:- Yes, a person takes a bucket to some distance, is work is zero because force and distance are perpendicular.
Q 37:- Name the satellite whose velocity relative to earth is zero?
A 37:- Geostationary
Q 38:- When the rocket take off the total momentum of the system is zero but the total energy is not zero?
A 38:- The rocket take off the total momentum of the system is zero but the total energy is not zero because the motion of the rocket and the burning gases are in the opposite direction. Moreover is vector quantity and energy is a scalar.

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